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Identity theft affects everyone…

Online fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and audacious. Their nefarious activities can have a debilitating impact on companies and consumers alike, with significant financial impact on both individuals and companies.

Studies have shown that identity theft is a rapidly growing crime. While impersonation is nothing new, the ability to digitally apply for credit has made it a much more lucrative undertaking than in the past. Research indicates that conviction rates for identity theft remain troublingly low, which suggests that prevention is by far the better route to take.

Identity verification and validation is vital for financial institutions and consumers seeking access to credit. Being able to protect one’s identity – and having certainty as to who you are dealing with – protects enterprises and consumers from the potentially devastating consequences of fraud.

Secure Citizen for business

The Secure Citizen platform enables digital onboarding of consumers using biometric data. This provides certainty as to the identity of each consumer, throughout the entire consumer account life cycle, and significantly reduces the risk of fraud. Biometric verification is made possible at every touchpoint and prior to each transaction, if required. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Secure Citizen platform delivers multi-channel onboarding and eKYC solutions.

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Secure Citizen for consumers

Even as you enjoy the benefits of transacting online and the convenience of digital technology, you may be apprehensive about the growing issue of identity theft. Secure Citizen lets you proactively take control of your identity. Gain peace of mind and experience a more convenient way to verify who you are when you interact with companies and financial services providers.

Look for organisations that use Secure Citizen – your guarantee that they take the threat of identity theft seriously.

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