Keeping ahead of fraudsters
with biometrics

Secure Citizen is fighting back and with your help, we can do more.

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The identity problem

Just like legitimate businesses, fraudsters are smart and strategic, and they’re always looking to stay one step ahead.

Criminals don’t discriminate; they simply seek weakness, and then exploit it. If there’s a chink in your identity armour, fraudsters will find it.

The statistics show that right now, the fraudsters are winning: according to the SAFPS, impersonation fraud rose by a frightening 337% in 2020 alone. It’s time to fight back – and with Secure Citizen, you can.

Why Secure Citizen?

We have one purpose: locking out fraudsters by leaving #NoPlaceForFraud

  • We believe in creating and maintaining a fraud-free digital environment for businesses and individuals.
  • We’re on a mission to combat fraud and enable frictionless transactions through the innovative use of biometrics.
  • Our technology means that individuals can own and protect their identities.
  • Individuals can transact with complete peace of mind thanks to biometric verification and credit application alerts.
  • Secure Citizen is a cost-effective, seamless, digital platform that meets the needs of businesses and their customers.
  • Our solution is 100% Africa-proof.

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It’s a question of trust

Secure Citizen is supported by SA’s most trusted not-for-profit fraud prevention agency – Southern African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS).

With the SAFPS as our partner, we can achieve our objective of enabling secure, digital transactions that offer fraudsters no way in.

Secure Citizen
for individuals

Own Your Identity

Secure Citizen delivers a digitally delightful consumer experience that takes away the frustrations of existing knowledge-based security systems. Biometric verification means no more forgotten passwords and locked accounts – and no risk of being ripped off or having your identity stolen. Transact confidently and conveniently with brands that appreciate the value of your identity.

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Secure Citizen
for business

No Place For Fraud

Secure Citizen for Business helps you differentiate your company from your competitors through enhanced user experiences and improved customer service. Getting closer to your customers doesn’t just reduce your exposure to fraud, it offers the benefit of cost-savings, operational efficiencies (hello automation!) and regulatory compliance such as POPIA consent management.

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