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About us

Secure Citizen is a purpose-driven brand, aiming to bring individuals and businesses closer, so that everyone benefits. We provide seamless, secure digital solutions to the growing problem of fraud. By developing innovative technology, we can create connections that enhance collaboration and bring our vision of a fraud-free digital environment closer.

Our guiding values


Digital inclusivity is as important as financial inclusivity. The growth of the digital economy is giving more individuals access to online services than ever before.

Digitally delightful

Protecting your identity shouldn’t come at the cost of extra hoops to jump through. That’s why we focus on delivering a streamlined experience with biometrics.


By partnering with the SAFPS and OneVault, the market leader in biometrics and fraud detection, we deliver solutions to the challenge of impersonation fraud.


Technology needs to scale as your business grows, meeting the requirements of your organisation and customers.


Technology holds the key to defeating fraud and we are at the forefront of deploying the latest tools.


Fraud prevention is in our DNA. We are committed to transparency and fairness in all of our operations.

Our Affiliations

We believe that collaboration between businesses and customers (both of whom are at risk from fraud) is the key to reducing the risk of fraud.

By working closely with our partners, we can offer an identity management solution that offers maximum interoperability across multiple platforms.

Co-owner: Intelligent authentication 

OneVault sets the industry standard in terms of biometric solutions (based on face and voice recognition), multi-factor authentication and using biometric data to prevent fraud. By harnessing their innovative technology, we can enable frictionless transactions and deliver unparalleled customer experiences for Secure Citizens. 

OneVault has a proven track record in technology and fraud prevention that extends across Africa.

Co-owner: Fraud expertise

The SAFPS is committed to protecting South African citizens, companies and the national economy from the impact of fraud. SAFPS monitors and shares information about fraud, issues alerts, promotes multi-sector collaboration and increased awareness of the dangers of fraud. As their digital solutions arm, we’ve digitised their protective registration. Our partnership offers businesses peace of mind, allowing us to offer services at zero cost to consumers, and affordable solutions to every business, no matter the size.

In good company

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We are proud to work with these leading brands in the fight against fraud, as they deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

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