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Our Team

We can vouch for the skills, dedication and passion of every member of the Secure Citizen team. We know a lot about them, and that means that our team interactions are as rewarding as they are seamless. With Secure Citizen as your fraud prevention partner, you’ll be in the same position when it comes to engaging with your customers.

Dalene Deale

Executive Head

“My passion – and the driving force behind Secure Citizen – is to empower every African citizen through providing a secure, digital identity.”

Paul Hutton


“I am a Secure Citizen because I trust Secure Citizen and the SAFPS more that I trust myself when it comes to my personal data.”

Varsha Gokool

Product Manager

“It is truly fulfilling to be part of building a safer, more inclusive digital economy and to work for an organization that has consumer protection and empowerment as some of its core values.”

Biancha Kotze

Project Office Manager

“I look forward to building a Digital ID with Secure Citizen that can simplify my interactions with organisations, while keeping my information secure and protected.”

Pauline Calleja

Sales Assistant

“Working with a team that is driven by a desire to helping people live in a safer place in terms of fraud prevention and identity theft is a really valuable opportunity.”

Bryan Rudman

System Engineer

“I am very proud to be working for an organization with a professional, amazing team in handling fraud prevention. I look forward to helping in this initiative to help protect South Africa.”

Giuliana Schoeman

Marketing Manager

“Working with a team that secures the identities of individuals and protects businesses one enrolment / verification at a time…What’s not to like?”

Jannie Pretorius




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