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In this business, faces matter. Here are some of ours. 

Our Team

We can vouch for the skills, dedication and passion of every member of the Secure Citizen team. We know a lot about them, and that means that our team interactions are as rewarding as they are seamless. With Secure Citizen as your fraud prevention partner, you’ll be in the same position when it comes to engaging with your customers.

Martin Grunewald

Chief Executive: Global Growth

“The idea of a digital identity is fantastic, I am excited to be a part of a solution that aims to make the world a safer place.”

Johan Moolman

Johan Moolman


“As the world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of secure and reliable digital identity solutions cannot be overstated. From streamlining business operations to protecting our personal information, digital identity has the power to transform our lives for the better.

Peter van Doesburgh

Peter van Doesburgh


“Digital identity is a game changer in mitigating fraud and reducing costs. By automating processes and implementing advanced identity verification solutions, organisations of all sizes achieve significant savings whilst staying safe.”

Biancha Kotze

Biancha Kotze​

Head of Operations

“The idea of a digital identity is fantastic, I am excited to be a part of a solution that aims to make the world a safer place.”

Jannie Pretorius

Jannie Pretorius


“The prospect of a public that is aware of their digital footprint and considers the security of their personal data in my life time through Secure Citizen lights a fire inside me that drives all that I do”

Varsha Gokool

Varsha Gokool

Head of Product

“It is truly fulfilling to be part of building a safer, more inclusive digital economy and to work for an organization that has consumer protection and empowerment as some of its core values.”

Giuliana Schoeman

Giuliana Schoeman

Marketing Manager

“In today’s fast-paced digital world, digital identity is more important than ever. It’s not just about security; it’s about convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. At our company, we’re committed to making digital identity work for everyone.”


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