About Secure Citizen

Secure Citizen has been developed by South Africa’s most trusted fraud-fighting organisation: the SAFPS. Secure Citizen takes the fight to the fraudsters – and makes life much harder for them.

It uses the latest technology to empower companies and consumers to digitally transact and interact in safety and complete confidence. In an era of lockdowns and restrictions, Secure Citizen provides the welcome freedom that certain protection makes possible.

The importance of identity

Secure Citizen is a secure world-class, multi-layer onboarding app that enables companies and financial institutions to quickly and accurately confirm the identity of people applying for credit or loans. It also allows consumers protect and verify their identity.

Secure Citizen has been designed to counter identity theft – the process whereby fraudsters obtain information and use this to take on debt that consumers will then be liable for.

It eliminates the need for consumers to prove their innocence when contacted by a credit ratings agency or debt collector in connection with a debt they know nothing about.

Our Vision

A fraud-free digital environment for companies and consumers.

Our Mission

Combating fraud with innovation
We work with businesses in building a secure and trusted platform that safeguards Africa against digital fraud.

Protecting businesses
We bring peace of mind and financial security to organisations by helping them to Know their Customers.

Empowering consumers
We enable and support individuals in their quest to maintain full control of their digital identities.

Our Guiding Principles

Fraud prevention is in our DNA: We’re committed to transparency and fairness.

Fraud prevention is in our DNA: We’re committed to transparency and fairness.

We innovate to protect.

Our Affiliations

Secure Citizen is a joint venture between the SAFPS (South Africa’s leading NPO in the fight against fraud and financial crime) and OneVault.

OneVault is a leader in voice-biometric solutions, multi-factor authentication and the use of biometric data in fraud prevention.

The SAFPS is committed to protecting South African citizens, companies and the national economy from the effects of fraud. The SAFPS monitors and shares information about fraud, issues alerts and updates, and promotes multi-sector collaboration and increased awareness of the dangers of fraud.