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16 May, 2019

SAFPS takes aim at fraudsters through its Secure Citizen App
Fraud is an unfortunate reality of everyday life in South Africa. Recent statistics point out that 77% of South African companies must deal with fraud daily

21 July, 2020

Remote Onboarding Made Possible
The Secure Citizen platform uses multi-channel verification, including innovative biometrics technology, to establish consumer identity beyond any doubt.
22 Jul 2020
Enabling Secure Digital Identity
Secure Citizen announces the introduction of its identity management platform in partnership with the SAFPS, OneVault and technology provider Contactable.
24 May 2021
Identity Fraud Ruins Lives
Fraudsters can cause huge damage, ranging from emotional trauma to badly dented credit scores. But now consumers can opt to be better protected.

06 Apr 2022

TransUnion putting the onus on citizens after hacking

Dalene chats to John Perlman about what consumers can do to protect themselves if they’ve been breached.

16 Dec 2021

Consumer Talk: TransUnion’s response

Pippa Hudson, Wendy Knowler and Dalene sharing advice on how to avoid falling victim to the latest fraud techniques now that you may have been breached.

27 May 2022

Keeping ahead of fraudsters with biometrics

Dalene Deale, Executive Head at Secure Citizen, describes how her company is locking out fraudsters to protect both businesses and consumers.

22 Mar 2022
The Value of SSI to Organisations and Citizens in a South African Context

Anushka Soma-Patel: Product Manager for Atala PRISM Ecosystem at Input Output (IOHK)
Mark Brits: Senior General Manager at The Banking Association South Africa
Sean Mouton: Chief Technology Manager Head of R&D at Absa
Terry Kelly: Founder and Director at The Digital Databank
Dalene Deale: Executive Head at Secure Citizen

Moderated by Lohan Spies: Founder and CEO of DIDx and Chair of Sovrin Steward Council

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