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Secure Citizen for Business

Customer verification

Seamlessly verify your customers identity.

Do business with the right person

How we help with customer verification

How can you tell if your customer is who they claim to be? With biometric authentication, you can.

According to our fraud prevention partner, SAFPS, identity theft increased by 356% in South Africa in 2022. It’s not just a frightening statistic for consumers, but businesses alike.

To date, customer verification has been costly, tedious and inefficient, leading to bad customer experiences and an inability to track the identity of known fraudsters. Secure Citizen identity management services offers businesses the ability to work with the correct customer or individual, by having the most up to date contact data at all times. 


Brand differentiation through a seamless digital experience


Stop fraud with biometric-based verification


Regulatory compliance


Safeguard your brands reputation


Show customers you care about their identity


Know & trust your customers online

Our API solution

Customer verification

Protect your business today.

  • ID verification: We verify your customer’s identity against both Home Affairs (is the client a South African citizen or permanent resident?) & the SAFPS fraudster database
  • Proof of address: Confirm the residential address of your customer
  • PEP & Sanctions: We advise if the individual is a Politically Exposed Person or appears on any sanctions lists
  • AML checks: Confirm if the transaction is considered high risk in terms of potential money laundering or financing
  • Fully automated solution, with audit trail capabilities 
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How it works

Customer verification process

It starts with creating a digital identity. Our solution facilitates the seamless verification and onboarding of individuals. This protects businesses from fraudsters, and individuals from a cumbersome enrolment process.

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Our differentiators

Why choose Secure Citizen customer verification

SAFPS Partnership

We’re co-owned by SAFPS (Southern African Fraud Prevention Services), a local not for profit organisation that is the national custodian of private sector identities.

Largest customer database

Access SA’s biggest digitally verified database. Through our association to SAFPS, we already have access to a database of 8 million citizens.

Accurate customer data

Through a central citizen registry we can assist you to prevent identity fraud. We do this through SAFPS' fraud database & Home Affairs.

Disruptive pricing

We make fraud prevention accessible to any business, large or small.

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Industry solutions

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Guarantee the delivery of goods to the right individual, every time. Customers just need to take a selfie!


Seamless & secure retail account creation and verification: Secure your shoppers credit, by only trading with verified shoppers in-store & online.

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Frictionless verifications: Protect your business from fraud and give your merchants a faster, more streamlined experience.

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Protect your businesses from fraudsters and enable your customers with seamless verification and onboarding.

Protect your business from fraudsters with seamless biometric authentication.

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