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How we can help Payment Service Providers

Biometrically protected, frictionless verifications

Our digital identity solution enables you to biometrically verify the identity of business owners or directors, cutting out the admin and delays associated with account creation.

You are tasked with safely facilitating millions of transactions every day for merchants and consumers. Still, the majority of consumers remain unaware of your existence. In many ways, we see Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) as the hidden heroes of the shopping experience. As an effective payment enabler, you have many priorities; making it easy for merchants to use your services, remaining compliant, mitigating your risk exposure as well as fraud protection! All of this without adding unnecessary hurdles in the shopping experience for customers…We can help!

Fraud prevention, automated

Not all merchants are created equal. Our solution checks:


CIPC check


Biometrically identifies directors / business owners against Home Affairs and SAFPS databases


FICA's directors / business owners

How it all works​

The process​

But wait, there's more...​

The benefits

  • Biometrically verify merchants against the Home Affairs & SAFPS databases
  • Automated RICA & FICA, AML, POPIA and GDPR compliant
  • Seamless: We pre-fill your home affairs information and don’t require passwords = fewer drop offs
  • Our identity solution is fully customisable, easy to integrate and cross-platform.
  • Includes refugees and asylum seekers on the National Immigration Information System (NIIS)
  • Highly accessible: Customers only need a smartphone, laptop or tablet to take part!

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