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Fraudsters only need to get it right once.

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Know who you’re dealing with, first time and every time

When it comes to digital transactions, fraud is the elephant in the room. It’s a huge problem, and it isn’t going anywhere.


Increase in Account Impersonations*


Increase in banking fraud*


Saved by SAFPS**

*According to our fraud prevention partner, the SAFPS, in 2020.
**Through verifications based on the DHA database, the SAFPS was able to save South African companies some R4.8B – an 86% increase year-on-year.

Introducing a new way to defeat fraud

Like most forward-thinking companies, you probably have a digital transformation strategy and roadmap in place. Unless it has fraud prevention at its core, your efforts to achieve full digitisation may never bear fruit.

What’s needed is a foolproof, fraudproof way to onboard customers, and instantly verify their identity before every interaction. Thanks to the power of biometrics, that’s exactly what Secure Citizen lets you do.

Secure Citizen has partnered with the SAFPS to help you address this concern. Even if your company hasn’t been targeted by fraudsters, fraud is costing you money. It creates mistrust between you and your customers, slowing everything down.

Secure Citizen for Business product offering

As a Secure Citizen Business, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Frictionless Digital Customer
Onboarding and eKYC

In a world of increasingly demanding customers and ever more sophisticated fraudsters, how can you balance authenticating a customer’s identity with providing a frictionless user experience?

Our digital identity verification solution enables you to digitally onboard and verify your customers against South Africa’s largest database.

One trusted golden
source of identity

Through our exclusive partnership with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS), we’re able provide access to:

  • The single largest trusted golden source of identities, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
  • The National Population Register housing details of all residents
  • Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS) which stores related
  • biometric data. A database of reported, known fraudsters and victims of identity theft and impersonation.

Customer enrolment & verification
using multimodal biometrics

Scaling the power of third-factor authentication with face, voice and fingerprint

Through OneVault, our best-in-class biometric solutions provider, Secure Citizen is able to use multiple biometric modalities to verify consumers including face, voice and fingerprints. Capturing these multiple modalities builds further confidence in the true identity of the consumer and allows us to tailor a best-fit solution for each business. Both face and voice biometrics can be used for physical and remote enrolment and verification of customers throughout the customer life cycle.

During the KYC process, the customer’s face can be validated against the DHA image, the trusted golden source. There are number of key use cases, for example, a customer can use their voice to give authorisation for a transaction, or their face to login to your platform without the need for complex passwords. Fingerprint verification is used for physical verification of a customer’s identity and can be used in scenarios such as access control and transaction authorisation. In addition, contact centre calls can now progress without delay thanks to voice biometrics verification.

Achieving operational efficiencies
and regulatory compliance

The Secure Citizen solution is flexible and can adapt to your operational requirements for maximum efficiencies.

The platform can be accessed using a set of specialised APIs which can be integrated seamlessly into your backend. Alternatively, we can provide you with a white-labelled portal to assist with automation of your compliance requirements.

In addition, our solutions can be tailored for compliance verification, validation, authentication and storage of documentation, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring that you are up to date with FICA 2021 standards. In addition, a comprehensive audit trail of all interactions with the Secure Citizen Platform can be provided.

Manage your customers

By using the Secure Citizen Platform, you will receive access to the Secure Citizen Business Portal. This Business Portal will allow you to view the results of your customer’s verification, view enrolment reports and register new customers.

Coming Soon


Consent management: We offer an audit trail of your businesses legitimate interactions with consumers.


Proof of address documentation can be collected, assisting you with (AML) regulatory compliance.


Assistance with audit trail functionality to show that your business has had legitimate interactions with consumers.

Why sign up with Secure Citizen?

  • We have the largest verified consumer database
  • API compatible: Integration is easy with SC having several flexible integrations to suit your infrastructural requirements and set up
  • We will partner with your existing digital onboarding solution to create interoperability between a variety of suppliers
  • Federated database: Our solution is centred around the individual to create a corporate confidence factor where you can see how many other corporates have used the same Secure Citizen Identity
  • We are an affordable option, with a low management platform fee, free enrolments and verifications charged at a nominal rate.

By offering your customers a secure digital mechanism and a trusted, automated verification solution, you can improve their experience and their trust in your brand – this is your opportunity to put the human into authentication and treat your customers like people, not potential criminals.

Close the gap between your business and your customers, leaving #NoPlaceForFraud

Secure Citizen Clients

These leading companies have signed up to Secure Citizen and are already enjoying the benefits of instant biometric verification.

Secure Citizens can save you time and money – put simply, they’re worth more to a business. They also worry less about fraud – shouldn’t your business be in the same position?

A Multi-Sector Solution

Secure Citizen solutions are relevant and scalable across a variety of industries – wherever biometrics can add enhanced confidence to interactions.

In any scenario e.g., where a line of credit is requested, our identity management solution lets consumers prove they are who they say they are.

By recognising that each consumer has the exclusive right to own and use their identity, we can extend protection against fraud to Fintechs, Retailers, Financial Services Companies, Payment Providers, Microfinance Providers and more.

Avoid financial loss or reputational harm and delight your customers with frictionless transactions, as well as by passing on cost savings.

Learn more about what Secure Citizen can do for your business.

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