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Keeping Ahead of Fraudsters

Executive Head of Secure Citizen, Dalene Deale, explains how biometrics can close the gap and leave #NoPlaceForFraud in digital transactions.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Fraudsters have much in common with legitimate businesses – they’re strategic, and they’re relentless. They’re also here to stay – unless we fight back.

Identity Fraud Ruins Lives

Fraudsters can cause huge damage, ranging from emotional trauma to badly dented credit scores. But now consumers can opt to be better protected.

Secure Citizen Takes the Fight to Fraudsters

Life is about to get a lot harder for fraudsters, and it’s high time that the tables were turned. Impersonation has never been harder to achieve.

Remote Onboarding Made Possible

The Secure Citizen platform uses multi-channel verification, including innovative biometrics technology, to establish consumer identity beyond any doubt.

Enabling Secure Digital Identity

Secure Citizen announces the introduction of its identity management platform in partnership with the SAFPS, OneVault and technology provider Contactable.

Get smarter about fraud prevention


Get better informed about the risk of fraud, and how the latest biometric prevention can make online transactions safer.


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