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We regularly publish blogs and white papers on fraud prevention, biometrics, onboarding and verification. For cutting-edge thought leadership, read our latest articles here.

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Fraudsters are causing costs and frustration for individuals and businesses alike. Through the power of biometrics, we can move away from outmoded passwords and towards a fraud-free future.

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Technology has the potential to derail the best efforts of fraudsters to enrich themselves illegally. The insurance industry is a particular target, but biometrics can mitigate risk.

Get smarter about fraud prevention


Get better informed about the risk of fraud, and how the latest biometric prevention can make online transactions safer.


If you have questions about the Secure Citizen service offering, this is the best place to start, with answers to the most common questions.

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Fraud prevention is a fast-paced business, and it pays to keep up. Read the latest news and thought leadership pieces here.

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