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We’re determined to ​outsmart the fraudsters.

By collaborating, we’ll be more successful. Explore our resources.

Get smart(er) about fraud prevention

We regularly publish blogs and white papers on fraud prevention, biometrics, onboarding and verification. For cutting-edge thought leadership, read our latest articles here.

Keeping ahead of fraudsters, SAFPS conference, 2020

SAFPS conference 2021: Keeping ahead of fraudsters with biometrics

Fraudsters are causing costs and frustration for individuals and businesses alike. Through the power of biometrics, we can move away from outmoded passwords and towards a fraud-free future.
SAFPS Conference Jane Dutton

SAFPS conference 2022: Recreating trust with biometrics

What have we been up to the last year? We discuss all the developments we've made in assisting business to mitigate fraud in their sector. It goes without saying, we can't wait until 2023!

The Value of SSI to Organisations and Citizens in a South African Context

Catch our panel discussion with the likes of Atala PRISM Ecosystem, The Banking Association South Africa, Absa & The Digital Databank.
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Business overview

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Use case: Secure delivery

The future of identity is here. How can we help you?

Secure Citizen for Individuals

With us you’re in control of your digital identity. Once enrolled, verifying your identity is as easy as using your biometrics.​

Secure Citizen for Business

We allow organisations to manage their identity fraud prevention at no cost to the consumer by enrolling customers into a federated database.

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