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Secure logistics: why customer-centric solutions are key

A while ago, an interesting tweet by Vala Afshar did its rounds on Twitter. It read something like this:

“Netflix did not kill Blockbuster.
Ridiculous late fees did.

Uber did not kill the taxi business.
Limited access and fare control did.

Amazon did not kill other retailers.
Poor customer service did.

Apple did not kill the music industry.
Being forced to buy full-length albums did.

Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry.
Limited availability and pricing options are.

Technology by itself is not the disruptor. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business.”

With South African fraud on the rise, logistics security is at risk. Customer-centric solutions are undoubtedly the way forward and early adopters will see massive competitive advantage.

What does customer-centric secure logistics look like?  

Most players in the logistics space have already taken precautions to protect their drivers, their vehicles, their cash flow, and their goods. However, the missing link (and opportunity) is the secure last mile delivery. What security measures are in place to verify the consumer against the golden source at the time of delivery? How does the consumer know that their information is their own? How is the consumer empowered in the process?

Secure Logistics is always excessive until it’s not enough.

Secure Citizen enables contactless delivery that creates a blanket of security around delivery and reduces impersonation fraud.

In the logistics security space, Secure Citizen has partnered with SkyNet Worldwide Express to empower consumers to biometrically (face, fingerprint, or voice) verify their identity at the time of delivery, without needing to make photocopies and get that copy certified.

Did you know?
Photocopy machines can hold the memory of the documents they copy. Meaning that a consumer’s ID can be stored as digital history – ripe pickings for fraudsters.  

What does this process look like?
Quick and simple!  Once the order has been placed, whether online or in person, the consumer is asked to register as a Secure Citizen. They receive a link requesting them to take a selfie. The selfie is instantly verified against the golden source. A unique QR code is sent to their phone to be scanned on delivery. Ta-da! Safe and secure delivery with no papers or photocopies.

It’s not always possible for the recipient to be there at the time of delivery.  No problem, a proxy can be allocated to receive the delivery.  The proxy also registers as a Secure Citizen, making sure an audit trail is in place to prove who received the goods.

What is the golden source?

SAFPS (Southern African Fraud Prevention Services) owns 50% of Secure Citizen. They have a database of known fraud victims and known fraudsters.

Secure Citizen also partners with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

When Secure Citizen verifies an identity, they check it against these two databases and in under 30 seconds, they can verify that consumers are who they say they are. All the while, your customer’s personal information stays theirs. It is not shared with a photocopying machine (for example).

Why will customer-centric secure logistics yield a competitive advantage?

Secure Citizen is built around the citizen, not companies.  However, the API is available to companies, like SkyNet Worldwide Express, enabling drivers to ask the consumers receiving the delivery, to verify themselves ensuring delivery to the correct person. This is particularly appealing for delivery companies that handle high-value goods.

There are also delivery instances where identity must be confirmed – when you deliver gold or medicine, for example.

Without Secure Citizen, it is quite possible to deliver a R30 000 cell phone, or Schedule 6 medication to the wrong person. The consequences of that can be serious, even life-threatening.

It is important for citizens to know that they own their data in the secure logistics space. This goes further than being POPIA compliant.  It is making sure you feel secure in providing your information and receiving your goods.

With the rise of social media, the voice of the consumer is louder than ever in our global community. Companies like Blockbuster have already felt the hard-hitting effects of not being customer-centric. It is only a matter of time before the secure logistics space feels the same pressure, if they are not already. Consumers will automatically lean towards more secure solutions and early adopters of biometric verification will take the lead.

Read more about biometric verification in the logistics space.

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Dalene Deale

Dalene Deale brings extensive experience in the financial sector, having held a variety of roles in business analysis, process engineering, corporate acquisition and fintech management. Using her passion, knowledge and expertise, Dalene previously oversaw TransUnion’s FinTech strategy, assisting them throughout their various stages of growth. Now, as the Executive head at Secure Citizen, her passion and driving force is to “empower every African with a secure, digital identity.”

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