A whole new level of protection

Secure Citizen offers a whole new level of protection to enterprises and consumers. It uses the power of biometric verification to provide enhanced identity security.

The Secure Citizen platform and Secure Citizen App use biometric voice and image data to instantly verify and validate identity, making fraud all but impossible.

Secure Citizen also uses federated identity management technology, making it much more resistant to attack that traditional Single Sign-On or SSO technology.

Secure Citizen enhances relationships between companies and consumers, by elevating the level of trust and removing friction from the onboarding and account maintenance processes – a single integrated solution that can manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Automated KYC protocols remove perceived barriers to entry, without eroding trust. eKYC makes compliance more efficient and less bureaucratic. This frees up key enterprise resources to focus on core business functions including customer acquisition, cross-selling and retaining existing customers.

Once registered, consumers receive instant alerts if applications for credit are made in their name. Past victims of fraud are flagged to financial institutions so that additional precautions can be taken when establishing their identity.

Protective Registration

The Protective Registration feature enables consumers to upload and securely share key identity documents, making it much easier for them to verify their identity when applying for loans or credit.

Using the in-app document vault, you can store documents and send personal documents securely, and create an electronic signature.At the same time, you’re protected from illegal attempts to use your identity. Your credit rating and money are safeguarded against all threats.

Key features of Protective Registration

  • Credit checks – faster responses from credit bureaux
  • Positive perceptions – demonstrate your responsible attitude
  • Rapid authentication – early release of funds or authorisation of credit
  • Hassle-free, time-saving technology
  • Send FICA compliance documents to financial institutions in a secure certified, updatable pack”